New updates and improvements to Parallax.

Introducing Parallax Thunder: Faster, Safer, and More Reliable

After weeks of hard work, we're beyond excited to introduce Parallax Thunder ⚡ a system and infrastructure update that makes Parallax faster, safer, and more reliable.

How to Get Upgraded

  1. Withdraw Your Funds. 💸 To avoid disruption, you’ll need to withdraw your funds from the current version of Parallax before upgrading to Thunder.
  2. Secure Your Account. 🔒 Follow the steps to enhance your account security including creating a secure PIN and backing up a secret Security File.
  3. Feel the Thunder! ⚡ Enjoy a faster, safer, and more reliable Parallax. You’ll know you’re upgraded once you see a “THUNDER” badge at the top left part of your screen.

Who is eligible?

Current Users:If you've been navigating the currents with us, keep an eye on your inbox and Parallax dashboard. Beginning April 16, we'll be inviting batches of existing users to experience the Thunder upgrade first-hand. This phased approach allows us to gather valuable feedback and make real-time improvements, ensuring a seamless transition for our entire community.

Waitlist:To our future users eagerly waiting in the wings—your patience is about to pay off! Following the initial phase with our current users, we'll extend invitations to those on our waitlist beginning next month. This is your chance to get a sneak peek at Thunder and help shape its final form.

Timeline 🕰️

  • April 16, 2024: We begin rolling Thunder out in Closed Beta batches to current users, then users on the waitlist. Check your email inboxes for updates!
  • May 10, 2024: Deadline to complete migration steps. We'll consider un-updated accounts for closure.
    • At this point, we will also start onboarding NEW users. Tell your friends!

What should I expect?

  1. For earlier batches, expect a message or email from us notifying you that it’s time to onboard/migrate. Once we get your go-ahead, we’ll turn Thunder on for you, and you’ll see a brand-new platform experience.
  2. There’ll be a quick migration process for compliance purposes, and a security setup to secure your funds more safely. Don’t worry—we’re preparing a guide and FAQ page to make sure you have all the support you need. You may also email us at if you have additional questions.
  3. Enjoy the faster, safer, and more reliable Parallax!

To ensure a seamless transition to Thunder, please complete your migration by Friday, May 10. Delay might disrupt your access and fund management.

Why are we upgrading? 🤔

Your feedback has been our guiding star. While we've received incredible support and love from you, we've also listened intently to your concerns and suggestions:

  • Challenges with ID verification
  • Delays in payment processing
  • Desire for additional security
  • Requests for additional deposit & currency options
  • Requests for peer-to-peer sending

All this will be possible with our new system and infrastructure upgrade. You may not feel the effects explicitly as a lot of the changes are happening under the hood to make transactions smoother — but that’s also how we know it works!

Thunder is a systems upgrade that makes Parallax… 💪

  1. Faster
    1. We streamlined our KYC process, and are accepting more forms of IDs too!
    2. Transactions are aimed to be faster and more reliable thanks to stronger partnerships and infra.
  2. Safer
    1. Cryptographic security ensures that no one else can touch your money—not even us.
    2. We're now registered with FinCEN as an MSB, ensuring tighter compliance for everyone's safety.
  3. More Reliable
    1. We've reduced inefficiencies in our operations, leading to faster customer support feedback.
    2. Bringing more of our infrastructure in-house leads to smoother, more reliable operations. Also, our stronger partnerships translate to less downtime.

Read more about Parallax Thunder's new wallet security upgrade here!

Special Offer: Remote Worker Perks! 🎉

We understand that change can be challenging so to ease this transition, we're offering you hundreds of dollars in special perks!

We’re giving all our Parallax users discounted rates to essential remote work services such as Gusto, Airtable, and Focusmate. Access the all-new perks portal upon migration.

More Features Coming Soon! 🔜

  1. Additional Stablecoin Options: We’re reverting to the ability convert to various stablecoins across different changes! We’ll also soon add other chains such as USDC on Arbitrum, Optimism and Avalanche!
  2. Instant P2P sends: This will be especially useful for employers to send money to employees INSTANTLY. ⚡️
  3. Card Deposits: We’ll aim for employers to pay you via cards once we find the right partners.
  4. More Currency Options: We’re getting requests for EUR 🇪🇺, AUD 🇦🇺, and CAD 🇨🇦! Thunder will enable expansion to more currencies.

Our dream is to make Parallax the best platform for global freelancers and remote workers to get paid, and Parallax Thunder is a giant infrastructure leap in that direction. Get ready to experience the faster, safer, and more reliable Thunder!

How You Can Help

Your feedback is the catalyst for Thunder's success. As you explore the new features, don't hesitate to share your thoughts, challenges, and triumphs with us. Together, we're not just building a platform; we're revolutionizing the way freelancers get paid globally.Stay tuned for your invitation to join the Thunder Closed Beta, and get ready to witness a seismic shift in global payment solutions.

With excitement and anticipation,

The Parallax Team 📈

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