New updates and improvements to Parallax.

Parallax Sends: Receive and send money instantly within the platform!

We’re excited to introduce a new feature called Parallax Sends, which enables users to send money instantly within the platform—from one Parallax user to another. Try it here!

What's New

Easier Recipient Management

  1. Add Multiple Recipients: Effortlessly add multiple recipients by entering their email addresses.
  2. Recipient Verification: Instantly add verified Parallax users to your recipient list. Pending recipients will be added once they join Parallax.

Instant Payments to a Recipient

  1. Streamlined Send Page: Navigate to the "Send" page, select a recipient, and enter the amount.
  2. Real-Time Updates: Both sender and recipient balances update immediately with transaction details and confirmation emails.

Try it here!

We’re continually reaching out to some of our users, so join our Slack community if you’d like to help shape our next features.

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