The Parallax Press: May 2023

Written by
Mikaela Reyes
Published on
May 1, 2023
The Parallax Press: May 2023

gm Parallax friends! 🌟 

We had a great month in April because:

We went live with the all-new Parallax product! 🎈

Our team had a fantastic offsite to celebrate the milestone. We're especially grateful to our early access users who are already benefitting from the product. Only more goodness to come.

Now that we’re live, we want to regularly update our community.

So, without further adieu:

Welcome to our first ever Parallax community update!

In this update, we talk about: 

1. We’re live! Check out our early customer love ♥️

2. What exists today with Parallax?

3. How you can create an account

4. What’s up next?

Parallax is live! 🌻

We’re thrilled to announce that our new product is now live and ready to use! We’re so excited to reach this milestone.

We can onboard YOU and new users from 150+ countries. If you’re interested, reply to this message!

Your opinion as a community is invaluable and we appreciate any feedback you might have for us.

We’ve already gotten great feedback from early users:

“The payment came. Wow, the fees are small. Much better compared to Paypal.”

What do you get today as a Parallax user?

  • A U.S. bank account with funds insured up to $250k
  • On-ramp into USDC (and more tokens soon!)
  • Transfers to your favorite wallets like Metamask or exchanges like Coinbase or Binance
  • Free gas fees for transfers (limited time only!)

For a limited time, every new user will get $20 to their account one signed up.

Get $20 as a new user

How can you create a Parallax account?

3 ways to easily get started!

  • Sign up at and we’ll get back to you with an invitation code
  • Reply to this email with an “I want Parallax!”
  • Go to -> get started!

We’ll personally onboard you through our smooth process to get an account and make sure you have a high-touch experience.

We’re excited to have you! 🎈

What’s up next?

Automated flows ⚙️

Our users want to automate conversions and transfers to wallets for two reasons: 1) Automate their financial flows; 2) Dollar cost average

We’ve designed the flow and starting to build.

Support for new tokens 🤑

Today, we have conversions into USDC on Ethereum. Soon, we’ll add support for conversions and transfers for additional tokens (starting with stablecoins) on various chains!

Tell us which tokens you want to see!

Local payouts 💵

Working with a new partner to add support for off-ramps into local currencies sent to local payment methods. Soon 🙂

Looking for more features? Use our product then upvote and add feature requests here and we’ll do our best to prioritize what you need. 

Ready to get started?

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