The Parallax Press: July 2023

Written by
Mikaela Reyes
Published on
July 2, 2023
The Parallax Press: July 2023

Welcome to our new Parallax friends!

Let’s go through a recap of our past month & what’s to come.

Shiny, New Notifications

Get that dopamine hit in your inbox every time it’s payday! We now have better-style and various notifications at important stages of your Parallax journey.

Additional Support Channels

Easier access to support at the bottom left your Parallax account! Select users will also be able to join our VIP Slack community.

Media Features

Parallax and our co-founder and CEO, Mika, got featured in a couple channels including:

A New Domain:

In the next couple days, we’re transitioning into The main reason: we use a better, more trusted TLD (.com over .to).

A fun reason: we can now do stuff like…

  • fun.withparallax
  • convert.withparallax
  • learn.withparallax

Neat, right? Any fun puns you have in mind? We’re all ears. 👂

A Merged Exchange + Withdraw Experience

We’ve heard feedback and see that most users do the ‘exchange’ and ‘withdraw’ actions one after the other. Given this, we’re streamlining the experience to merge these two actions into one module! We hope this makes everything smoother and more automated for each user.

Local Payouts

We’re still hard at work to make sure our users can convert their USD and crypto into local currencies and send it straight to their bank accounts and e-wallets. We’re tidying a few more pieces before we slowly rollout to users. Some sneak peeks:

Deals & Community Perks

Our Parallax users will soon get access to free and discounted rates and deals on various services like Canva Pro, ChatGPT Premium, SafetyWing (independent work insurance), Grab gift cards, Grammarly and more! Parallax is negotiating on your behalf to get better deals on products helpful for you.

Let us know which tools and products you want deals on.

Become a Parallax user and get first access to these perks!

♥️ From Our Users

We pride ourselves in providing responsive, warm and comprehensive customer support. A few comments from our users on the same:

We like to congratulate and extend a warm, personal welcome to our users from time to time.

Quick response!

A fun one: Turns out we sound like AI. 🙂

Looking for more?

Tell us what you’d like to see at Parallax by responding to this message, emailing or requesting a feature here:

We love hearing from our users!

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