Swarm x Taxumo Event

Written by
Lou Zarcal
Published on
September 7, 2023
Swarm x Taxumo Event

Last August 2, we had the pleasure of hosting a remarkable partnership event in Manila, with Swarm, Taxumo, and Blogapalooza. Held at the Bloga Creator Hub, the event was graced by two incredible guests, Alexis, the Chief Design Officer at Swarm, and Mika, our CEO at Parallax.

Alexis shared his wealth of experience as an international freelancer, having collaborated with clients from over five different countries. Meanwhile, Mika, our Filipina founder based in NYC, shed light on her journey of working with and hiring international talents.

During the event, we dove into key topics like finding international job prospects, standing out globally, tackling pricing and payments abroad, and mastering cross-cultural client collaboration.

Alexis and Mika sharing their insights with the audience

Honored to have an engaging audience

Meeting and connecting with new people

It was a night brimming with insights, networking, and inspiration, equipping everyone to step confidently into their international freelancing journey.

Watch out for more exciting events and opportunities coming your way soon!

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