Parallax Thunder ⚡ A Leap Forward Inspired by You

Written by
Nate Punzalan
Published on
April 16, 2024
Parallax Thunder ⚡ A Leap Forward Inspired by You

Exciting news for the Parallax community: We're thrilled to announce the rollout of Thunder, our most significant infra update yet, designed to make your Parallax experience faster, safer, and more reliable.

A Community-Centric Upgrade

Your invaluable feedback has shaped Thunder, guiding us toward making Parallax the ultimate platform for remote workers worldwide. This closed beta phase is a critical step in fine-tuning Thunder, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs and expectations.

Who's eligible?

Current Users: Prepare to dive into the Thunder experience! Starting April 16, we're inviting existing users in phases to test the waters. For existing users, please migrate by May 10, 2024 to avoid a disruption of services and loss of funds.

Waitlisted Users: Your wait is almost over! We're starting to welcome those eagerly waiting on our list to join the Thunder journey.

Why upgrade?

Thunder is not just an upgrade; it's an infrastructure overhaul designed with your needs in mind. Here's a quick recap of what's in store:


  • Streamlined Onboarding: We streamlined our KYC process, and are accepting more forms of IDs too!
  • Speedier Transactions: Transactions are aimed to be faster and more reliable thanks to stronger partnerships and infra.


  • Robust Security Measures: Cryptographic security ensures that no one else can touch your money—not even us. Read more about how Thunder's new wallet security works here.
  • Heightened Compliance: We’re now registered with FinCEN as an MSB, ensuring tighter compliance for everyone’s safety.

More Reliable

  • Strengthened Support Framework: We’ve reduced inefficiencies in our operations, leading to faster customer support feedback.
  • Enhanced Infrastructure: Bringing more of our infrastructure in-house leads to smoother, more reliable operations. Also, our stronger partnerships translate to less downtime.

How to upgrade

If eligible, you'll be getting an email from our team, after which you'll see instructions on your Parallax home page.

Your feedback is the catalyst for Thunder's success. As you explore the new features, don't hesitate to share your thoughts, challenges, and triumphs with us.

Read more about Parallax Thunder here.

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