How this Filipino Freelancer Empowered a Community with Parallax: A Game-Changer for International Payments

Written by
Nate Punzalan
Published on
December 6, 2023
How this Filipino Freelancer Empowered a Community with Parallax: A Game-Changer for International Payments

Ever scrolled through your feed and seen those freelancers with the perfect client gigs, seamless transactions, and an international lifestyle that just seems...effortless? Well, let us pull back the curtain for a sec. The digital nomad life is not all smooth sailing.

Behind every successful freelancer, there’s a story of struggle with high fees, slow payments, and the dreaded exchange rate roulette.

Meet DK, a thought leader in the Molongskiverse Freelancers community. He discovered Parallax and it flipped the script on his international transactions.

No more biting nails over hidden fees.

Wave goodbye to waiting ages for payments to clear.

Say hello to transparency and predictability with every transaction.DK’s story isn’t just about making life easier. It’s about empowering a community.

He’s not just saving money; he’s sharing knowledge, connecting Filipino freelancers, and helping them thrive in a global market. And guess what? One of his community members saved over $50 on a single transaction with Parallax. That’s real impact.

So, here’s to all the freelancers and remote workers out there, navigating the choppy waters of international payments.

Read the interview below!

How did you first learn about Parallax?

“I first learned about Parallax through a social media post on Tiktok. I was intrigued by the platform’s promise of easier and more affordable international payments, so I decided to check it out. I also joined the Parallax Slack community, and it’s been a fantastic experience so far. The discussions and insights within the community are both inspiring and informative. On a positive note, I’ve shared the Parallax platform to one of freelancers’ community I joined on Facebook here in the Philippines.”

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What specific problems or challenges led you to try Parallax?

“Before using Parallax, I was struggling with the high fees and lengthy processing times associated with traditional international payment methods. I was also frustrated with the lack of transparency and predictability when it came to exchange rates like Paypal. Parallax seemed to address all of these issues, so I decided to give it a try.”

Which features of Parallax do you find most beneficial?

“I find Parallax’s transparency and predictability to be its most beneficial features. I know exactly how much my payments will cost me upfront, and I can always track the status of my transactions. This gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on my work.”

Tell us about your Facebook community for freelancers.

“I joined the Molongskiverse Freelancers community whose founder is Filipino, living in California. The purpose of the community is to provide a space for Filipino freelancers to connect, share experiences, and support each other. I was inspired to joined this community after seeing the challenges and wins that many Filipino freelancers face, such as finding work, getting paid fairly, and accessing free resources.”

How do you feel about positively impacting the lives of freelancers?

“It is incredibly rewarding to know that I am making a positive impact on the lives of freelancers. I am passionate about supporting Filipino freelancers and helping and sharing them my freelancing knowledge so they can achieve their goals, and it is gratifying to see my efforts making a difference.One of my community members recently used Parallax for a payment to a client in the United States. She was amazed at how quickly and easily the transaction was completed, and she saved over $50 in fees. She is now a loyal Parallax customer and has recommended the platform to her other freelance friends.I believe that Parallax has the potential to revolutionize the way that freelancers manage their international payments. The platform’s ease of use, affordability, and transparency make it an ideal solution for Filipino freelancers, and I believe that it will play a major role in the future of freelancing in the Philippines.”

Parallax isn’t just a tool; it’s a community builder and a game-changer for freelancers worldwide. Thanks for being a part of our journey!

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