Forbes 30 Under 30 Honors Parallax CEO Mikaela Reyes: A Trailblazer in Fintech

Written by
Julien Ashby
Published on
May 17, 2024
Forbes 30 Under 30 Honors Parallax CEO Mikaela Reyes: A Trailblazer in Fintech

Congrats, Mika! ✨

In the ever-evolving world of fintech, leaders like Mikaela Reyes are making significant strides in transforming cross-border payments. As the co-founder and CEO of Parallax, a startup based in Manila, Mika has introduced innovative solutions that simplify and speed up global transactions while cutting costs.

Drawing on her personal experience as a freelancer dealing with international payments, Mika launched Parallax in 2023. Her goal was clear: to change how money moves across borders. By utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Parallax offers a seamless platform for individuals and businesses to send and receive payments globally with unmatched efficiency.

Parallax isn't just another payment platform; it's a tool for financial empowerment. It breaks down the barriers of traditional banking systems, making it easier for freelancers and businesses to operate internationally. With low fees and transparent exchange rates, Parallax ensures users keep more of their earnings, no matter where they are or what currency they use.

Since its launch, Parallax has grown rapidly, expanding from the Philippines to over 150 countries. This growth highlights the wide-reaching appeal and impact of Parallax's innovative payment solutions.

In September, Parallax hit a major milestone by raising $4.5 million in seed funding, led by notable investors like Dragonfly Capital. This funding not only confirms Parallax's potential but also provides the necessary resources for further innovation and expansion.

We congratulate Mikaela Reyes and the Parallax team on their impressive achievements and look forward to their continued success. With visionary leadership, advanced technology, and a commitment to empowering users worldwide, Parallax is set to redefine the future of cross-border payments and drive positive changes in the global financial landscape.

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What is Parallax?

Parallax is the best way for freelancers and remote workers to receive payments from clients and employers around the world. Our vision is to empower freelancers and remote workers by creating a borderless world for payments and money. We are currently serving multiple countries, including the Philippines, Argentina, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, and South Africa.

By providing a platform that reduces transaction fees and speeds up payment processes, Parallax ensures that users can focus on their work without worrying about financial logistics. Whether you're a freelancer in Manila or a remote worker in Cape Town, Parallax is here to make your financial transactions as smooth and efficient as possible.

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