Need a quick and easy alternative online payment solution for freelancers? Here's a few.

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Lou Zarcal
Published on
October 17, 2023
Need a quick and easy alternative online payment solution for freelancers? Here's a few.

Are you a freelancer in the Philippines? When it comes to finding the best payment platform in the Philippines, we know how frustrating it can be to find a reliable payment solution that allows you to receive payments quickly and easily. Thankfully, there are several alternative online payment options available to freelancers in the Philippines like yourself.

We'll share with you different payment solutions that can make your life easier and help streamline how you get paid and ultimately being able to transfer the money to your bank of choice. Whether you prefer e-wallets, digital payment platforms, cryptocurrency payments, online banking transfers, or prepaid cards - we've got you covered! So keep reading to discover the perfect alternative online payment solution for your freelance needs.

Why Freelancers & Businesses Need A Reliable Payment Solution 

Freelancers and businesses in the Philippines need a reliable payment solution to streamline any transactions and ensure smooth operations. With the rise of remote work and online freelancing, having an efficient method to receive payments from clients or your employers in the United States is crucial.

One key reason why freelancers and businesses require a reliable payment solution is convenience. Traditional methods such as bank transfers or manual checks can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with international clients or employers. Online payment solutions offer a quicker and more convenient way to receive funds, allowing freelancers to focus on their work instead of worrying about complicated payment processes.

Additionally, security is another important factor to consider. Freelancers often deal with sensitive financial information, making it vital to choose a secure platform that safeguards personal data and protects against fraudulent activities. By opting for a trustworthy payment solution with added security features such as 2FA and insurance, freelancers such as yourself can have peace of mind knowing that their earnings are protected.

Finding the right payment solution is essential for anyone who regularly gets paid in USD in the Philippines due to its convenience, security features, and flexibility. 

Online Payment Solutions available in the Philippines

The Philippines has seen a rapid growth in the online freelance industry, with more and more professionals choosing to work independently. As Filipino freelancers take on clients primarily from the US, having a reliable payment solution becomes crucial. Thankfully, there are several online payment solutions available in the Philippines that cater specifically to your needs. Here are online payment solutions that can work for both freelancers and businesses alike.

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E-Wallet - GCash and Paymaya

One of the most popular and convenient online payment solutions in the Philippines is the use of e-wallets such as GCash and Paymaya. These digital wallets allow freelancers to easily send, receive, and manage their funds securely.

With GCash or Paymaya, you can link your bank account or credit card to your e-wallet for seamless transactions. Freelancers can receive payments from clients or employers directly into their e-wallets, eliminating the need for physical cash or checks.The great thing about using an e-wallet is that it offers a wide range of services beyond just payment transfers. You can pay bills, shop online, buy load credits or even invest. It's like having a virtual wallet right at your fingertips!

Furthermore, both GCash and Paymaya have user-friendly interfaces that make navigating through transactions a breeze. They also offer customer support to assist users with any concerns or issues they may encounter. Using an e-wallet like GCash or Paymaya provides freelancers with a quick and hassle-free alternative for receiving payments online while enjoying additional features for day-to-day financial needs.

Digital Payment Platforms - Wise, Payoneer, Paypal, and Parallax

Digital payment platforms offer a convenient and efficient way for freelancers to receive payments from clients all over the world. Wise, Payoneer, Paypal, and Parallax are some of the popular digital payment solutions available in the Philippines.


Wise, formerly known as Transferwise, is a trusted platform that allows you to receive money in various currencies at competitive exchange rates. With low fees and transparency, Wise is a great option for freelancers who work with international clients, but if you're looking for an alternative to Wise then keep on reading!


Payoneer is another reliable choice that provides freelancers with an easy way to receive payments globally. It offers multiple payout options, including bank transfers and prepaid Mastercards. Their user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage your funds and track transactions, but if you've tried them before and you're looking for a Payoneer alternative payment system, then Paypal might be the right platform for you.


Paypal needs no introduction, this payment platform has been a leading digital payment platform for years. It enables secure online transactions between freelancers, businesses, and personal senders worldwide. With its wide acceptance and familiarity among businesses, Paypal remains a popular choice for many freelancers. The downside of Paypal is that it automatically converts your USD into PHP when the money is sent out to you. And if you're not a big fan of that you can use another Paypal alternative, Parallax.


Parallax stands out among other digital payment solutions due to its unique feature of converting USD into PHP instantly at competitive exchange rates and with extra or hidden fees at all. This saves freelancers from having to go through additional steps or pay high conversion fees when transferring funds from USD to PHP.

Here at Parallax we've gone the extra mile to make sure that our users from 150 countries have their money secure through 2-Factor Authentication and they're able to transfer and convert their USD within minutes of creating your account. In addition to that, cash deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 through our partner banks and we make sure that our technology is security compliant to minimize the risks of frauds and breaches.

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When choosing the right digital payment platform for your freelance business, consider factors such as transaction fees, currency conversion rates, ease of use, customer support availability, security features, and withdrawal options tailored to your needs.

Cryptocurrency Payments & Wallets

Cryptocurrency has gained popularity in recent years as a viable alternative online payment solution for freelancers. With its decentralized nature and secure transactions, it offers an innovative way to send and receive payments globally.

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrency payments is the speed at which transactions can be processed. Traditional bank transfers or wire transfers can take days to complete, whereas cryptocurrency transactions are typically completed within minutes. This quick turnaround time is especially beneficial for freelancers who require immediate access to their funds.

Additionally, cryptocurrency payments offer increased privacy and security. Transactions are encrypted and recorded on a blockchain, making it difficult for hackers or unauthorized individuals to access sensitive information. This added layer of security gives both freelancers and businesses peace of mind when conducting financial transactions online.

The downside of receiving cryptocurrency as payment for your services is that the barrier to entry can be sometimes high, and if you or your employer never dabbled in cryptocurrencies before then the learning curve to receive payments and cash it out to your local bank of choice may be difficult. 

Online Banking and Direct Transfers

In today's digital world, online banking has become somewhat of an old and outdated international payment solution with all the alternative online payment solutions out there. International banking fees can take a chunk out of your paycheck or it may cost a lot for your client to send out money for you on a regular basis. But we can't rule this payment solution out, since this method is probably the most secure way to directly receive your monthly salary or payments from your client or employer.

One of the advantages of using online banking is its accessibility. Most banks in the Philippines now offer internet banking services, allowing you to manage your finances anytime and anywhere. You can easily track your transactions, view your balance, and even set up automatic transfers for recurring payments.

Another benefit is the speed of transactions. Unlike traditional methods that may take days or weeks to process, online banking transfers are usually instantaneous. This means that you can receive payment from your clients quickly and efficiently.

Online banking provides freelancers with a reliable and hassle-free payment option. It allows for seamless money transfers between parties while ensuring security and convenience. So if you're looking for a quick and easy alternative payment solution as a freelancer in the Philippines, consider utilizing online banking!

Prepaid Cards from Local Banks

Prepaid cards are another convenient and hassle-free alternative for freelancers and businesses in need of a reliable online payment solution. These cards work similarly to debit or credit cards but with one significant difference – you load them with funds upfront, ensuring that you can only spend what you have.

One major advantage of using prepaid cards is the flexibility they offer. You can use them for both online and offline transactions, making it convenient whether you're purchasing goods or paying bills electronically. Additionally, prepaid cards eliminate the need for a traditional bank account. This means that even if you don't have a bank account yet, or your current one doesn't provide the features you need, prepaid cards can still be a viable option for receiving payments from clients or employers. Please visit your local bank of choice for more details on their prepaid card offers.

Remember that every freelancer's situation is unique; therefore, understanding your specific requirements will help determine if prepaid cards are an ideal choice for managing your freelance income effectively.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Payment Solution for You

When it comes to choosing the right payment solution for your freelancing needs, there are several factors that you should consider. First and foremost, you need a solution that is reliable and secure. Look for providers with strong encryption measures in place to protect your financial information.

Another important factor is accessibility. Can you easily access and use the payment solution? Is it available on different devices such as smartphones or laptops? Can your client or employer easily send out money to you on a regular basis? Can you integrate both you and your employer's local savings bank account to that online payment platform? These are important questions that you need to ask yourself before making a decision. Make sure the platform is user-friendly and offers convenient features like mobile apps.

Cost is also a crucial consideration. Some payment solutions charge transaction fees or monthly fees, while others may offer lower costs or even free options. Compare the pricing structures of different platforms and choose one that aligns with your budget.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an online payment solution is customer support, as it plays a vital role in any online service. Look for a payment solution provider that offers excellent customer support through multiple channels like live chat or email so you can get assistance whenever needed.

By carefully evaluating these factors based on your personal preferences and requirements, you can select the perfect alternative online payment solution that meets all your freelancing needs!

Our Recommendation: Choose Parallax the Perfect Payment Platform for Freelancers to Receive and Convert USD into PHP

When it comes to finding a quick and easy alternative online payment solution for freelancers in the Philippines, there are several options available. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

After considering all the available options, we highly recommend our payment platform for freelancers and businesses in the Philippines, Parallax. We built this payment platform for freelancers, and both businesses and companies in mind. With Parallax, you can effortlessly receive payments from clients around the world and convert your United States Dollars (USD) into Philippine Pesos (PHP) with ease.

Here at Parallax, we make sure that we provide a seamless experience with our user-friendly interface, secure payment system, and 24/7 customer support. You don't have to worry about complicated processes or delayed transactions – everything is designed to make your financial transactions smooth and efficient. In addition, we want you to keep as much of your monthly pay checks as possible. That is why we make sure that we have competitive conversion rates and no hidden charges or fees.

If you're looking for an alternative online payment solution in the Philippines that offers convenience, security, competitive currency conversion rates, and exceptional customer service - sign-up for a free Parallax account today, it only takes a few minutes.

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